Monday, June 8, 2009

Our banged up boy

Our Jake is such a great sport even when the not so great happens to him. He was playing ninja warrior with his dad last evening, running and playing, having a great time. As he was running he ducked to miss an arch when he tripped on a step and he smashed his face into the steps. Jay thought a trip to the ER was in order. Jake did not break anything but needed to get 5 stitches on his nose and 4 stitches on his eyelid. After being at the hospital for 3 hours, getting shots and stitches, he was in a good mood when he got home, which amazed me. What a great kid!


Melanie said...

Lots of new posts! First off, what a brave kid you are Jake! We are sorry that you had such a rough night! Getting stiches stinks!

Sounds like you guys have been busy doing lots of fun stuff! We had pink eye for a month at our house, it kept bouncing from kid to kid. I think we all had it twice! Yuck!

james and bess said...

poor jake!! he's totally your son, susie - i remember when you had stitches in your lip and it looked like a giant spider. :)! hope you heal quickly, jake! -bess