Saturday, February 28, 2009

Happy Birthday Jake!

Today is Jake's 7th birthday. He had a Star Wars themed birthday party where he invited five friends to celebrate with him. (One of his good friends even came from Indiana to visit for the occasion!) Of course, there was cake (with a picture of Boba Fett) and ice cream, games (that involved Jedi knight training and skills) and lots of loud, crazy, happy FUN!! It's hard to believe that our oldest is seven years old already. I looked through lots of his baby pictures today to remember all the great times we've had over the years and man, has it gone by fast! Jake is a great kid and lots of fun. He has made us better people and we thank God every day for him.

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Monkey Love?

This girl really loves her monkey! I, mean really, who doesn't? She plays with him during the day combing his fur and feeding him her milk. (The other day I picked him up and realized his fur was all crusty with dried milk and I gave him a bath so he would feel soft again). Then at night she throws her arm around him and cuddles him tight. Today was especially fun since she got a new monkey shirt. She did a lot of jumping (which she made me watch), carried him around, pushed him the the stroller and just love having a monkey on her front. Even though she loves her monkey, we love our "little monkey" more!