Friday, July 24, 2009

Meeting Miss Lori

We went to the Brookfield Zoo this morning and met Miss Lori who does Miss Lori's Campus on PBS. She did an hour long show of telling stories, singing songs and dancing with the kids. She even picked Jake to be a helper for a song. There was a tissue paper flower activity, stuffed fish and a free story book (for the first 200 people who came). The kids had lots of fun!

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Elkhart County Fair

Every summer Jake goes to the county fair with his Grandma Gibson. This year was no exception. Olivia came also as did her cousins on the Gibson side. We spend the whole day there looking at animals, riding rides, eating yummy food and seeing the exhibits. Everyone had a great time and I'm sure it will continue to be an annual event for years to come! Thanks Grandma Gibson!

Going to Grandma's House

We spent a week visiting Grandma and we had a great time visiting with in-laws and cousins. We went to the zoo, visited Amish country, hung out with friends, and played until we were so tired every night. We always enjoy visiting both sets of grand parents and we are so lucky that they live so close together so we can see them often.

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Holiday Weekend

Jay had Friday off so he took Jake to Six Flags Great America. Jake was able to ride most of the big rides like 'Superman: Ultimate Flight' and 'Batman the ride'. He said that these two and 'American Eagle' were his favorites. The weather was great, not too hot and the longest they waited in line was an hour but most of the lines took much less to get through. They were at the park from the time it opened until almost the time it closed and had a blast! Jake said it was the best day of his life this year! We also went to the Morton Arboretum were they have this exhibit of life-sized animal houses. You can prowl on the prairie, trek through the wetland or romp in the woodland to visit 11 different homes. Our family found this exhibit really fun and interesting. Overall, we had a great weekend!

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Lego Mania!

A few weekends ago, Jay and Jake went to this HUGE lego expo called Brickworld. This is not put on by lego themselves but collectors and fans. They waited a half hour to just get into the building to see the displays. Jay said there was so much to see it was hard to see it all. I stayed home with Olivia so the boys could have more fun. They spent all day there and had a blast! They can't wait to go again next year.