Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Princess Olivia

Olivia has been so much fun lately! She loves to put on these dress-up clothes that grandma gave her and parade around like a princess. She loves reading books and is always bringing them to us to read to her. She will sit for a long time listening to stories. She has also discovered the joy of watching Blue's Clues. If you mention Blue or Blue's Clues, she'll get a big smile on her face and run to the tv waiting for it to come on. We go for walks outside almost every day and she loves pointing out the birds and dogs that go by and saying their names. But most of all she loves it when dad and Jake come home from school and she'll run up to them and give them the biggest hugs!


Melanie said...

Oh my cuteness! (I know that's probably not a word). Olivia looks so cute. Her hair is a lot longer than it was this summer. It is so fun to see how girls all of the sudden discover being "girly". Preslie has started to carry Maycie's purses around the house and love baby dolls. I love the fun stages they go through. It makes the "not so fun" stages more bearable.

Thanks for sending the painting book in the mail. Maybe I'll get busy and make a Christmas decoration. You should post a picture of the one you made so I can see it finished.

The White Family said...

Hey Susie! I found your blog through Salem, you've been holding out on me! Aren't girls so much fun!! Cute pictures. See you at church tomorrow.