Friday, May 23, 2008

Lilac Festival

Every year the city of Lombard has the Lilac Festival. It revolves around a park that is filled with lilac bushes that a Col. William Plum donated to the city in 1927 in memory of his wife Helen. It is a gorgeous park filled with lilac bushes and tulips and we took the kids to see it at it's finest. We also went to the lilac parade. Jake had never been to one before and to our amusment, this one lasted two hours. He really enjoyed it!


Melanie Gibson said...

How beautiful! I love the pictures of the kids!! Olivia is getting so big and her hair is so cute. I wish it was green and beautiful here!!

Melanie Gibson said...

Dear Jake,

I wonder what it is like there right now... By the way what is the weather like there? I am so excited to come soon and see you and Olivia at grandma's house. We are going to have so much fun. I hope we can swim in the lake a lot. Maybe we can make a giant waterslide in grandma's back yard again. See you soon!

Love, Maycie